Analysis Of Jackson Pollock 's No Essay

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Oppression comes in many forms. It can be very apparent or very subtle. There are many forms of oppression that are overlooked as “it’s not that bad” or “they’ve come a long way. Why should we bother?”. One unnoticed form of oppression is sexism and women discrimination. This type of oppression effects nearly half the world’s population and isn’t being addressed adequately however, there strides have been made. In an effort to fight both sexism and women inequality the Feminist Movement came to be. Feminism is the advocacy for equality between both women and men. This advocacy can come in a variety of forms such as protests, plays, novels, paintings, etc. One just has to interpret the hidden message. Jackson Pollock’s no.34 is a painting that one may just consider to be abstract expressionism however, with close observation one can note the it is inherently feminist due to both its color and shape. To many no.34 is the paint splattered on canvas, a strong figure in abstract symbolism. Pollock splatters paint of all colors across the canvas. From white to black and everything in between. The colors sit in stasis twisting and turning in harmony, like a sort of chaotic rainbow. The colors show emotion as all of the colors are in a subtle hue. The reds are rosy and the blues are lavender. Not one color is loud and it gives this sense of serenity. Another unique feature of no.34 is its shape o-r lack of shape. Pollock splatters paint on the canvas not to make a shape. There are…

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