Analysis Of J. M. Coetzee 's ' The Lives Of Animals ' Essays

1127 Words Mar 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Angelina Akopyan
Professor Balthazar Becker
English 126
10 March 2016 A Remembrance of Horror
The essays in discussion for this assignment are “Philosophers and the Animals” by J. M. Coetzee and "Can the Treatment of Nonhuman Animals Be Compared to the Holocaust?" by David Sztybel. The first essay, “Philosophers and the Animals” is from J. M. Coetzee’s book The Lives of Animals. The essay introduces the readers to an author of many novels, Elizabeth Costello, her son John Bernard and her daughter-in-law Norma Bernard. Elizabeth Costello has arrived in Waltham to address at her son’s place of work, Appleton College. Even though, his family is not comfortable with the visit, John Bernard accommodates his mother at his house and tries to treat her well. At the day of the lecture, Elizabeth Costello speaks of a topic that her son is well aware of and even feels uncomfortable about. The speaker discusses the relationship between the behavior of the Nazis with the children of the Jews at the time of the Holocaust and the kind of attitude researchers adopt in treating animals for the sake of their experiments. Costello also reveals that the people living around and seeing this atrocity done both at the time of the holocaust and during scientific researches turn a deaf ear and ignore the issue at hand. Thus, the author J. M. Coetzee voices his opinions and introduces the main theme of the essay to the readers.
The second essay in discussion, Can the Treatment of…

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