Analysis Of Ivan Ilyich's Downward Spiral Into Redemption

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Ivan Ilyich’s Downward Spiral into Redemption The way Ivan gains redemption in the story is through a divine process that is able to save his soul. Through this redemption he comes to the understanding that he unwisely devoted his life to a value system that is devoid of actually accepting death as a possibility. He has lived a very simple, ordinary, and terrible life because he lives exactly as the value system of propriety and decorum wanted him to live and did not really live for himself. Never, did he stop and question propriety and decorum which could have helped him gain clarity regarding the major flaws that accompany this complex culture. It is not until the last chapter of the story Ivan begins to go through a process that will lead …show more content…
He considers this a significant victory over his foes. In chapter three the text describes how Ivan felt towards this “All his anger against his former enemies and the entire ministry was forgotten and Ivan Ilyich was altogether happy,” (1453). This quote shows how obsessed he had become with his career, and is in love with the idea with his enemies crawling back to him. Identically, his home has to have decorum, so it can make an impression. In consequence, his life amounts to boredom and robs him of his passion. (Neimneh, 62). This is more evident in how he reacts angrily towards small annoyances such as the cakes from the confectioner or the stains on the tablecloth. The lifestyle of this culture causes him to make a fuss out of everything, and have a very vain attitude towards most events. Therefore, all of the circumstances that have been described is the reason why Ivan’s life became very simple. However, in the last moments of life he knows that he spend too much involve with the propriety and decorum culture. Ivan realizes later on that this career in fact made his life very miserable, and most of his life was spend in vain and materialism. “In a life of conformity and imitation of others, Ivan Ilych wants to give the impression to being rich. He wants to be superior and different, but he is actually imitating …show more content…
It can be difficult for someone who has never address the idea of dying to come to terms with their own death. If there is a climate of denial, then the person who going through that process can be stuck in a bad realm between the afterlife and death. A writer that adds to this is Thomas Papadimos writes an important statement in the article The death of Ivan Ilych: A Blueprint for Intervention At the end of Life and that is “Only about half of dying patients realize that they are actually dying. This need for recognition of dying also applies to family members and even physicians themselves,” (63). Even more, there is that concern that the others do not care and are waiting for him to die. Ivan himself does all that he can to block out the idea of death by getting new

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