Analysis Of `` I, Too, Sing America `` Essay examples

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Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance, which lasted through the 1920’s and part of the 1930’s was a time when many black artists, through various artistic mediums brought to light the culture and struggles of black people during their time and in past history. One of the best known of these artists is Langston Hughes. His name even appears in pop culture references such as in the song “La Vie Bohéme” from the musical Rent. One of Hughes most famous poems is titled “I, too, sing America”. It refers to not just the time in which it was written but the history of people of African descent in America. The poem’s use of simple yet powerful words drives the meaning home and allows the complex meaning to shine. The rhythm of the poem is the rhythm of jazz and blues. This adds a musical quality to the free verse piece. Between the lines one can see the double consciousness felt by the poet and all people in similar situations. Like other art from the Harlem Renaissance, “I, too, sing America” shows Double Consciousness in the way that it reveals both how the character who is a minority sees himself and sees himself through other people’s eyes. Through its simplicity and clear message “I, too, sing America” shows the heart of someone who knows that he is more than what the majority sees of them, that he will not always be downtrodden. The downtrodden climate that existed in the African American community during the Harlem Renaissance is evident in Hughes poem. The opening…

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