Analysis Of ' I Lay Dying ' Essay

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The passage that I will rewrite from, As I Lay Dying, is Addie’s point of view in the story on page 171 (Started with “So I took Anse”) -173 (Ended at “… chapping yet, with just two”).
I decided to be with Anse because he seemed like a good man with a new home plus a farm, and I wanted someone to support me even though I did not want to be with him, but my father insisted that I should not get married to him. But I did anyway, since he pleaded . I do not know why Anse wanted to name our child, I do not see a point in naming a child. It is pointless. . Although, his name was Cash, from that point on, my life became horrible. Becoming a mother defined the real meaning as to why life was more terrible than it should be. No words could describe why motherhood was a difficult task to have in life. Whoever named it, never became a mother and wanted to ruin the lives of others. Now, I assumed the word fear and pride came from people who never had experienced them either, so why are people who never had fear nor pride naming these words? I knew that people were just snobs, though, but, why are we using words to describe spiders moving their legs from their mouths to a beam and their movement of swinging and never touching the beam? Interesting. I could already tell that my aloneness had to be ruined for the rest of my life after becoming a mother, and to be fair, it was never bothered until Cash decided to be in the picture. Anse never bothered me at nights and that is how I…

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