Analysis Of From Mere Christianity 'Vs. Lewis Human Nature' By Matt Ridley

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Lewis vs Ridley
In “Human Nature,” Matt Ridley argues that our entire purpose in life as human beings is reproduction. In From Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis argues that we should strive for closeness with God over all else. I agree with Mr. Lewis. Though the Bible gives us the instruction to “Be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28), there is more to life than sex. This can be proven through the use of Lewis’ Mere Christianity and from my own experience as a Christian and as a human being. Lewis uses his biblical knowledge to prove that there is more to life than sex, and I have support from my own knowledge and experience, while Ridley argues that humans have evolved purely to mate and reproduce. The first opposing viewpoint that Ridley and
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The first reference to this is: “Yet I know of no other way that human nature can have developed except by evolution” (Ridley 213). Lewis, as a Christian man believes in creation as alluded to in the following: “What he [God] cares about is that we should be creatures of a certain kind or quality-the kind of creatures he intended us to be” (Lewis 263). I interpret this as God intending us to be quality creatures when he created us, as humans from the beginning. There is no biblical evidence to support the fact that humans were once monkeys. An addition to the argument for creation: at the end of his life, it is widely known that Charles Darwin realized that he was wrong about evolution, and accepted creationism as truth …show more content…
This life-style is primarily centered on sex, according to Ridley. However, Lewis says that “We take as starting point our ordinary self with its various desires and interests” (Lewis 265). One very human desire is sexual desire, which all humans must bear the burden of. Of course, once a man and a woman are married, sex is very much an acceptable part of their relationship, a part of the covenant of marriage. Personally, I am single and have been my whole life, but I will be waiting until I get married to give myself to my wife. Were Ridley’s theory correct, why would I choose to wait? Why would anyone choose to wait? If our only purpose is evolution, we would all be reproducing constantly, possibly with multiple mates. With Lewis’ argument, it is proven that there is more to life than sex and

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