Analysis Of Homer 's ' The White City ' Essay

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Throughout Devil in the White City, Larson uses different characteristics and events to give the reader a wider, better idea of who Holmes really is, as well as letting the reader draw their own conclusions about characters that may not be as foregrounded as others. We are given hints on how other people view Holmes, including females. While he was described as rich and good looking, at the same time, he gives a look and feel, a sort of devilish impression. Larson writes of Holmes (in terms of relating to the devil physically), “It is a marvelously small ear, and at the top it shaped and was carved.” By selecting that quote, the information gives the reader an image of what Holmes looks like, as well as a clue as to how Holmes relates to the devil. And as this direct relation to the devil, his actions have shown that he enjoys murdering people. Larson writes about the satisfaction murdering people gives Holmes. Talking in terms of murdering one person just is not enough for Holmes, he needs to keep doing it in order to fulfill this need, and this desire he has. These subtle examples throughout Devil in the White City help the reader draw conclusions about who Holmes really is behind this “rich, good looking man,” but really is more similar to the devil, which as well can be related to murderers today. Holmes is the antagonist in The Devil in the White City; he was a psychopathic doctor and serial killer who comes to Chicago, just before the construction of the

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