Essay on Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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The Odyssey is known to be a one of greatest epic poem written during the 8th century BC by Homer. The epic poem contains story about Odysseus journey of returning home. However, it is not just about Odysseus journey back home but, his son Telemachus developing himself to become like his father. In book 2 of the Odyssey, Homer illustrates Telemachus coming age by using imagery of nature, formal diction, and simile portraying how he is maturing and developing himself to become like his father. People change due to situation in their life, Telemachus son of Odysseus has to develop himself into a man. He has to pick up where his has left off; usually we don’t expect people to change themselves in short notice. However, Telemachus knew he had to find his father and bring him home, he changed himself and we see this change in book 2 of the Odyssey. Book 2 starts off with this imagery of “When young Dawn with her rose-red shone once more the true son of Odysseus sprang from bed and dressed, over his shoulder he slung his well-honed sword, fastened rawhide sandals under his smooth feet, and stepped from his bedroom, handsome as a god”(Homer 93). This quotation shows the imagery of Telemachus and how his journey will begin to search for his father Odysseus. When we picture “dawn,” we see the start of a new day; Telemachus is now becoming a new person as the new day begins. When Homer states “dressed, over his shoulder he slung his well-honed sword.” It’s very ironic because in the…

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