Essay on Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Iliad '

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As soon as he latched his helmet securely to his sweaty head, he swiftly ran directly into the battlefield, meeting the enemy head on. Knowing full well of his fate to come, including the life and family he would leave behind, he showed no fear for there was something greater to be achieved at the end of his journey. As he approached his first enemy, he quickly took him down with one sudden movement of his sword. Following, he immediately took down another. And then another. He journeyed his way through the enemy ranks, leaving a trail of bodies behind him, until finally, his journey was halted. As the spear protruded out of his back, he fell to the ground in pain, but yet not in disbelief. Although his journey came to an end, he was not gone, for he will live on with kleos.
While reading, one will recognize just how present kleos is in Homer’s epic, the Iliad. In fact, not only is kleos present, it is also one of the major themes of the poem. While the majority of Ancient Greek soldiers participated in the war not only for the fact that many felt obligated to help and for the idea of acquiring wealth from looting, many soldiers were also motivated during the war by kleos. This is clearly presented as a common subject of the main characters, such as Achilles and Hector. Kleos, to them, is so paramount that they use it to justify shortening their lives or leaving family behind. By obtaining a better grasp of the concept of kleos in addition to the examination of characters,…

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