Hillary Clinton Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Hillary Clinton’s Advertisements Targeting Women
Hillary Clinton is one of the most historical presidential candidates to run for office in the history of the United States. This is because she is the first woman to ever be nominated as a major parties’ candidate. She also has an immense chance to win the election, due to her ability to appeal to a broad audience of voters through various advertisements. Although her advertisements span a wide array of topics I am only going to focus on a select few. These advertisements focus on her main demographic, which is women. These advertisements, titled "Cheryl", "Alexis", "Sara", and "Mindy" all have a common theme. Each advertisement conveys its message through emotional appeals. They also all have
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This strategy entails making the audience believe you share their values. Clinton does this in each of her commercials. For example, in the commercial titled “Alexis” Hillary states “It took Alexis four years to earn her college degree, but it will take her twenty five years to pay off her student loans. Join the fight to make college affordable.”. By making this statement Clinton is hoping her audience will agree with her, since most Americans believe the price of college is too high, most of her listeners probably will. For this reason, Clinton has successfully used rhetorical virtue in this advertisement. Another example of Clinton successfully using rhetorical virtue is in the advertisement “Cheryl” she states “The top twenty-five hedge fund managers make more than all the kindergarten teachers in America combined. Join the fight for higher incomes.”. This statement makes working class citizens feel like she actually cares about their wages and wants to increase them. Both arguments Hillary made have something in common. They were both made to increase the trust of her audience. This is the whole point behind rhetorical virtue and I think Hillary executes this strategy quite

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