Essay Analysis Of Harry Caudhill 's Night

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Harry Caudhill’s Night Comes to the Cumberlands is an important representation of American history of people who took a stand for an issue. In his book, Caudhill writes about his views on the strip mining industries’ effects on mid 20th century Appalachia. Caudhill’s book tells the story of modern Appalachia, specifically the coal mining areas of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. Caudhill was a lawyer who had stern opinions about the coal industry whose book stood as a voice for the people of Appalachia. Caudhill describes the coal industry as an industry that destroys the Appalachian hills. Night Comes to the Cumberlands consisted of issues that people may have not necessarily been able to voice themselves. The response of the American people to Harry Caudill’s Night Comes to the Cumberlands reveals the optimism of Americans for social, economic, and political justice, showing the progressive direction the American people remained hopeful for. The social context of America during the mid 20th century was chaotic with the civil rights movement, poverty, and war, but the people of Kentucky remained focused on the issues at hand in their own state. People all over the country were impoverished and were looking for a thread of hope. The combination of poverty and men away at war created a chaotic state in America. Americans looked for answers from the government and became anxious for a step in the right direction. The Civil Rights movement spread through the nation like a…

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