Analysis Of Hans Christian Andersen 's ' The Little Mermaid '

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Famously well-known author Hans Christian Andersen has many: published novels, plays, songs, and poems including The Little Mermaid (Andersen, 2014, pp. 53-72). A story about a mermaid who is fascinated by the human world and quickly falls in love with a human prince, making problems not just for her, but everyone she loves. (Andersen, 2014, pp. 53-72).Through make-believe and fantasy, Andersen is able to take people to new and exciting places that lead to fun adventures while also putting in a good theme to learn along the way. Andersen’s works have been told and re told for many years now. They never grow old or tired, showing their lasting impact on literary fairy tales. Which is why many call him “the father of modern fantasy” (Anderson, 2013, pp. 30). His works are so good and lasting, there is an award named after him. “The Hans Christian Andersen Award… Is given in recognition of individuals whose complete bodies of works have made an outstanding and lasting contribution to children’s literature” (Anderson, 2013, pp. 30)

As a young child growing up, I remember getting ready for bed and waiting for my mom to come read me a bedtime story. She would let me pick the story; as usual I went for the fairytales. More specific I went for The Little Mermaid (Andersen, 2014, pp. 53-72). Just something about that story made me happier and excited to start reading on my own, so I wouldn’t have to rely on adults anymore. The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen…

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