Analysis Of ' Grit ' And ' Courage ' Essay

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Leadership isn 't defined by the words or actions a leader portrays, but by the thoughts and desires that he inspires. This is the realization I have come to from two seasons of being drum captain, as it 's widely apparent that there is more to being a successful leader than being an outlier alone. Instead, a leader must teach his following how to themselves become outliers, and help them aspire to become truly great. At the heart of both passion and leadership comes what every individual needs to achieve excellence and stand out against others, GRIT.
Grit as a word alone, is defined by courage and resolve, and by strength of character. The three portions; courage, resolve, and strength of character, are all surface level traits that any outlier will possess, and that a leader must create inside the hearts and minds of his following. Courage is one large part of this word. It takes smart risks and the ability to act upon them for a person to achieve greatness. Without courage, individuals could neither take the risk of challenging each other, hashing it out to see which one of the group is at a higher level, nor take on stepping up to lead his or her fellow group members. Resolve, the second part of grit 's definition, means to finish in your actions with persistence. Members of a group all need to have their end goal in sight, as well as the resolve to work relentlessly towards it. This part of grit is the incentive and drive for what an individual does, such as working…

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