Analysis Of ' Going After The World ' By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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Endurance and Survival in the Journey for Cacciato

In Tim O’ Brien’s novel, Going after Cacciato, the Vietnam War has presented Spec four Paul Berlin and members of his brigade with many problems as they chase after the lost and (possibly mentally challenged) Cacciato. Berlin and his fellow soldiers regularly experience endurance and survival as they face trials on the trek to Paris from their Vietnam station. The theme of endurance and survival seems to be the biggest and most important of the critically acclaimed book.

When soldiers think of the word survival, their natural response is “don’t get killed by the enemy”, but survival can mean many other things. For the rather young Berlin and sole members of his 198th Infantry Brigade, they face survival issues that don’t involve the Vietnamese enemy. Survival is one of the biggest reasons a soldier makes a decision in war. Everything on the battlefield has a consequence, and most of the time, it’s life threatening. The audience in O’ Brien’s novel I suspect, comes to dislike the men’s first lieutenant, Sidney Martin, who on multiple occasions asked the soldiers to do things that could potentially end their lives. Throughout, Martin orders the men to clear tunnels in the Vietcong area, which was a very dangerous task to perform. The death rate was one that was not to the men’s favor. In Chapter 34, Oscar Johnson is done risking his life for Martin and decides that it’s either kill or be killed. “…

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