Analysis Of ' Goblin Market ' By Christina Rossetti Essay examples

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The Role of Sisterhood in “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti “Goblin Market” is a compelling and complex 19th century poem written by Christina Rossetti. Rossetti, a deeply pious Anglo-Catholic woman with firmly held morals and opinions; she uses “Goblin Market" as a tool with which to extend these views to the reading public. Rossetti lived in an age in which the roles of women were very limited because of the doctrine of separate spheres, which dictated that men would go out into the world but women must remain domestic. Rossetti addresses two of these female roles in “Goblin Market”, namely fallen women and sisters. Fallen women were prostitutes and as a result, immoral; they embodied none of the traditional female virtues. Sisters on the other hand were women who devoted their lives to nursing and redeeming fallen women at the expense of marriage and domestic life. The terms sister and sisterhood carry strong religious connotations both in the poem and in the real world. One should note that Rossetti was part of this category as she spent many years working in a penitentiary for fallen women. Because Rossetti chooses to confront these contentious issues in “Goblin Market” the poem is also about the overarching role of sisterhood- both in the religious and secular sense- in Victorian society. Many critics have interpreted Rossetti’s message in many different ways. Consider the opinions of Janet Casey as expressed in her critique “The Potential of Sisterhood:…

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