Analysis Of Glenn 's ' The ' Fish Out Of Water ' Essay examples

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Glenn is a charming poet, as well as a bit of a womanizer. We like that he’s a “fish out of water” in his new world and the threat of discovery is fun. Clarify why he’s obsessed with Jessica. Show the audience what he learns about love. He does make a moral sacrifice for love.
Jessica is charming and quirky. The opening needs to be reworked regarding JP Morgan. She turns down his advances, but then seems to work with him or live at his resort. It’s a bit confusing. She’s extremely spunky. Jessica seems to have some trust issues (inner conflict), but one doesn’t know why. At the end learns to trust.
Glenn and Jessica share nice chemistry with each other, but it would be nice to see more initial conflict.
As mentioned, JP Morgan’s role as the antagonist can be elevated. Jean is very likable, but too much focus is put on her, taking away from the main characters. Henry is a fun sidekick for Glenn.
The overall dialogue has strengths and weaknesses. Their voices are consistent to each character and the dialogue reveals their individual personalities. However, at times, the dialogue sounds a bit contrived or on the nose.
The emotional premise or message that love is timeless is universal.
Re-work the prologue and first act in terms of structure, pacing, and tone. The opening “prologue” from 1905 feels too long.
Clarify Jessica’s age.
The conversation on page 4 between Lee and Jessica is confusing. She just ID herself to him and then he seems to…

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