Analysis Of George Barnard Shaw 's ' Pygmalion ' Essay

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In George Barnard Shaw’s comedy play, Pygmalion, the author recounts a story about a low class girl that sells flowers on the streets, Eliza Doolittle, who gets transformed into a more proper lady who could be able to appear and behave as a high class woman. Though Eliza is lower, as to her socioeconomic status, she has many dreams and aspirations that she wishes to fulfill. Professor Henry Higgins, an academic instructor of phonetics, is a backwards man who does not conform to society’s standards and is inconsiderate in his behaviors and to others. Colonel Pickering is the complete opposite of Professor Higgins and it seems as if they complete one another; he treats other with respect and thoughtfulness. Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering place a bet on whether they will be able to revolutionize Eliza and turn her into a more useful person in society. By using the descriptions and actions of each character, the author established the central theme of the story as the importance of education and appearance on social class in this time period.
In the beginning of the play, Eliza is selling flowers in the rain. When a man walks pass, she calls out “Freddy” as if she knew him. The man’s mother hears of their conversations and questions Eliza about their relationship. Nonetheless, the audience soon realizes that Eliza uses the name Freddy for any gentlemen that she sees. This should her lack of knowledge and proper speaking etiquette. When Eliza takes the cab, the man…

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