Analysis Of Galsworthy 's ' The Japanese Quince ' Essay

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Galsworthy’s story “The Japanese Quince” consists of a simple story with two men, Mr. Nilson and Mr.Tandram and their encounter along a Japanese quince. Mr.Nilson began his day with a walk around his garden until he encounters the Japanese quince. Nilson perceives the trees one of vibrant life where Tandram is also found viewing upon the same tree. After short discussion upon the tree, both part ways to their own lives. Throughout the story, Galsworthy alluded to many different characteristics that are able to express the hidden ideal of rebirth. Galsworthy’s use of symbolism, especially the technique of the double or mirror image, functions to define the restrictive lifestyle of Mr.Nilson, to illuminate the exciting potential of a new life and explains to Mr. Nilson’s retreat from rebirth.
The restrictive lifestyle of Mr. Nilson is alluded through diction and background information. Galsworthy’s inclusion of his status “As Mr. Nilson, well known in the city…” proves to give us the information that Nilson is one of great importance and wealth. Galsworthy ‘s constant details on Mr. Nilson’s living situation such as having a dressing room on Campden Hill as well as the indication of the temperature signify the live that Mr. Nilson lives as rigid which is further supported thorough the fact that Nilson is defined as being the “son of nothing” .During the beginning of the story, Nilson is described as having “ A feeling of emptiness just under his fifth rib that indicates the…

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