Analysis Of Frankenstein 's ' Frankenstein ' Essay

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When bad things happen what is the cause of it all? Who do blame? There are thing that happen in the world that make us wonder why me? Why not someone else? When an athlete gets hurt they always ask first why this had to happen to me. It’s the question everyone asks when bad things happen in the world. It’s not hard for some to say that it is gods fault for the bad things that happen. Many people don’t believe there is a god due to all the bad things that actually happen to good people. Then there’s others that say that there is a god, but the reason bad things happen is because of man first fall, with Adam and Eve. Whatever someone believes they always put blame on something or someone. Whichever the case is people do have a choice and they can choose what they want and don’t. People are responsible for their choices and have consequences for all of them. Just like Victor Frankenstein does in the novel Frankenstein when he first creates the monster. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker say, “Frankenstein is one of the most recognizable and enduring novels in English literature.” This text is one text known for the criticism it gets and plays the blame game very well. Whether to blame the creator or the creation and which one is actually justifiable? There are reasons to blame both Victor and the monster for what happens in the novel Frankenstein. First, Victor Frankenstein the creator is responsible for what he has created in the novel Frankenstein. This scientist is very…

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