The Pros And Cons Of Family Therapy

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The world is made up of billions of people. Those billions of people are all connected by something called a family. One believes that without a family, there is no foundation or support system. Relationships are sometimes hard to manage, but with the right people, and the right information, things could be better. Strong family ties shouldn’t be based on one’s income, but in this world it is the most important feature of a relationship. It still amazes this writer how a class or amount of income can dictate the stability of a healthy or unhealthy relationship.
These projects are motivated by research that shows that adults and children raised by both parents in stable, low-conflict households do better on a host of outcomes (Llyod, Weech, & Gaubert, 2014). Low-income couples face more challenges to build and maintain healthy marriages (Llyod, Weech, & Gaubert, 2014). The research consisted of a small-scale
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The goal is to eliminate presenting problems and restructure family organization (Corey, 2013, 2009). This organization wants to create programs to help couples with children learn how to have a good support system. In the family systems therapy, this writer believes that this article can relate to four of the six viewpoints. The four viewpoints consist of Adlerian family therapy, human validation process model, structural family therapy, and strategic family therapy (Corey, 2013, 2009). The Adlerian family therapy’s goal is to enable parents are leaders and promotion of effective parenting (Corey, 2013, 2009). The Human validation process model believes in promoting growth and helping families reach congruent communication and interaction (Corey, 2013, 2009). The structural family therapy believes in changing dysfunctional transactional patterns (Corey, 2013, 2009). Finally, the strategic family therapy believes in eliminating presenting problems and dysfunctional

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