Essay about Analysis Of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's ' Great Gatsby '

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The use of color plays a very important role in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, Great Gatsby. Throughout the novel, the reader may observe countless, subtle, descriptions of the colors relating to the environment and the characters alike. To the untrained eye, these seemingly minor illustrations of color may seem like an average addition to the setting. However, in this case, that is untrue. Fitzgerald, in his brilliance, carefully coordinated the presence of color to coincide with specific events or the mood/tone of the story. Each color has its own meaning and place in the events of the novel.
The overall meaning of the color gold in the story is quite easy to ascertain. As you progress through the novel, it becomes clear that gold represents “old money”, class, success, prosperity, and extreme value. In Maia Samkanashvili’s article, the same conclusion was reached. Anything referred to as gold in the book is also described as being perfect, beautiful, rich, etc. Nick Carraway, the narrator, refers to his love interest as golden a few times in the novel. As he and Jordan were descending the steps at Gatsby’s party, Nick describes it, “with Jordan’s slender golden arm resting in mine…” (pg. 43). Then, later on, he “put my arm around Jordan’s golden shoulder,” (pg. 79). These descriptions are very important due to the fact that Jordan is old money and is extremely attractive in Nick’s eyes. To him, she represents a goal, some sort of mark of success. In a way, she is an item that…

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