Analysis Of F. Fitzgerald 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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1. Fitzgerald depicts Gatsby’s celebrations as theatrical events by there being an orchestra, “admission tickets” and props. “By seven o’clock the orchestra has arrived;” this is overdone as it is just a party and there is no need to bring an entire orchestra for it. Also, there are people that are “paying” to enter the event and usually events are free and one does not need to pay for a party but “People come for the party with a simplicity of heart that was its own admission ticket.” Finally, it sounds as if there are props everywhere and it is similar to a movie set “premature moon, produced like a supper, no doubt, out of a caterer’s basket” shows that even the moon is a part of this show. The owl-eyed man thought the books were also fake just as props but he learns that they are real “Absolutely real – have pages and everything.” Nick encounters the owl-eyed man who says to him "This fella 's a regular Belasco," commenting on the theatrical look of Gatsby 's immense library. The owl-eyed man" is thinking of Gatsby 's artificiality, comparing it to a stage player because the books, unlike Gatsby, are real. People go to theatrical events so that they are able to forget for a little while what is going on in our reality and the people at Gatsby’s gathering come here to have fun and get drunk.
2. At the beginning of the party, everyone is having a great time and they are enjoying themselves and “all looking a little hungry” because they are hoping they may get some…

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