Analysis Of Eudora Welty 's ' A Worn Path ' Essay examples

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Analysis on the story“A Worn Path” Eudora Welty in her short story, “A Worn Path” talks about an old lady living in a time period when racism is widely practiced and out of control. Phoenix Jackson is a grandmother to an ill grandson and her only purpose of living is to provide medicine to her grandson. Her strength of love towards her grandson is unconditional, which makes her do insane things just to make him survive. The main purpose of this short story is to say that our love to our people can empower us to overcome curtain fears. Hence, that idea of love is shown through Old Phoenix’s life when she overcomes life threatening challenges just for the sake of her grandson. Throughout the short story, Old Phoenix conquers many obstacles that prevent her from providing remedy for her grandson. Thus, Eudora Welty through her story incarnates indirect characterizations that portray Old Phoenix to demonstrate that will and determination empower her to survive in her life despite the difficulties she faces. The journey that she takes to the city to get medicine is the biggest physical obstacle as well as the fact that she is old in age. She says with laughter. “My senses is gone. I too old. I the oldest people I ever know.” Thus, the difficulty of her journey may be caused by her old age. Another hinderance she goes through is the trap that fell into during her journey. For somebody her age, it would be extremely hard to survive on your own though she did. One of the biggest…

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