Critical Analysis Of A Worn Path By Eudora Welty

“A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty demonstrates a clear understanding of the three critical lenses. The first of three critical lenses is Marxist which is a lens that helps us influence the characters, plot, setting, reader/viewer, author, time period, and any other aspect of an exhibit. The second lens is the Feminist lens which is an ideology that “opposes the political, economical, and cultural relegation of women to positions of inferiority.” Finally, the Archetypal lens which is character types that recur (and relationships) or patterns of symbols or situations found in mythology, religion, and stories of all cultures. This story helps clearly demonstrate a strong understanding for each of the critical lenses being looked at.
Phoenix Jackson the protagonist of the story is a “very old and small”, also described as “old Negro woman” shows us the true meaning of what a hero is. She clearly shows this because she is going on an adventure into town so that she can get her grandson some help as he is very sick. Which then leads us to the call of adventure which is the grandson being sick, so Phoenix Jackson, the grandma, has to go into town to meet with a doctor to get some medicine for her grandson to prevent his throat from closing, and allow him to swallow normally, and allow him to be himself again. Even though the mentor which gives guidance to be successful in the special comes later in the story when she’s already in the special world, the mentor in this case is the nurse because she gives her wisdom and facts about what the medicine will do for her grandson. The nurse is the main reason that Phoenix Jackson, the grandma, was able to get the medicine for her
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This story is a good piece of writing to clearly look at the these three critical lenses, and thoroughly dissect the reading to find the elements of lens in order to understand each

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