Analysis Of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

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The erasure of one’s memory and the immense loss that comes with it is undoubtedly a frightening thought. Imagine losing your identity or part of your humanity. Imagine feeling an emptiness that leads you to insanity. Imagine realizing that these conditions might be side effects of such a procedure. Part of being human is managing pain and suffering in all its forms and dealing with the trials and tribulations of life even while many of us would rather forget and desire to start a new chapter, a clean slate. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed by Michael Gondry, exemplifies these traits and addresses the idea of what a person, such as Joel and Clementine, might endure in the process of having their memory erased. In Eternal Sunshine of the …show more content…
We learn from our mistakes and thus they become reminders not to repeat the same mistakes. The good and bad experiences that we have better us. In order to learn from them we must remember them, otherwise we are just as clueless. Ideally, a person will always choose what is in their best interest, which tends to be the rational choice. As humans we tend to always look for happiness and we strive for pleasure. “…classical utilitarians (such as Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, or Henry Sidgwick) thought that the right action is the one that brings about the most happiness overall, where happiness is understood in terms of pleasure and the avoidance of pain” (Grau 120). Although identity is not explicit in the film, Eternal Sunshine brings about questions and ideas that tackle self-realization and loss of identity. A very good indication of that point is Clementine’s breaking point, “I don 't know! I DON 'T KNOW! I 'm lost! I 'm scared! I feel like I 'm disappearing! MY SKIN 'S COMING OFF! I 'M GETTING OLD! Nothing makes any sense to me! NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE!” (Gondry, 2004). Clementine feels she is “disappearing”, if that doesn’t scream identity, I don’t know what

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