Analysis Of Emotional Eating And Obesity

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This media analysis will retrospect an article from the recent media publications. This report will based on the media article and decide two determinants of health to interpret the hidden underlying issues which relevant to the health issue and provide some supportive arguments with related and recent evidence. The article to be discussed is ' Emotional eating fuelling Australia 's obesity epidemic, psychologist says ' written by Sam Ikin on February 18th 2016 in the ABC News Australia ( Iklin 2016). This article is talking about the relationship between emotional- eating and obesity and the problem severity within Australia.


To begin with, the definition of the determinants of health are explained as for determining a person 's health, we can based on their individual lifestyle, living environment and society ( Mikkonen & Raphael, 2010). There are range of determinants such as social gradient, poverty and deprivation, education, environment, transport,social support,food etc (Keleher & McDougall,2016). Moreover, this report will discuss on the stress and environment these two SDOH (WHO, 2003).

First of all, the definition of environment based on the
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The definition of stress according to the determinant of heath is plenty of things in life may make you feel stressful, worry, anxious and you may not interested in the things that around you, and it may damage to your health ( WHO,2003). The person who feel stressful mostly will have poor sleeping quality, there is a strongly relationship between sleeping and obesity, when the people who cannot get enough sleep, will affect their body hormones which may easy to hoard for lipids in the body because sleeping is the most important time for your organs to the rest. Therefore, when you are in stress with poor sleeping quality, it will get risk of suffering from obesity (Yang & Matthew & Chen,

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