Essay about Analysis Of Emily Grierson 's ' Wuthering '

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Ms. Emily Grierson was the last member of here aristocratic Southern family. She was raised by her widowed father whom always denied her a suitor. Mr. Grierson 's death isolating her further from the community. The only person to ever leave the house was a lonely servant named Toby. That is, until Homer Barron; a northern laborer comes to town. Despite having a lower social standing than herself, Emily took an interest in Homer. The townsfolk had still felt bad for Emily, whispering "poor Emily" every time she had passed. One townswoman had called upon her cousins from Alabama to visit and console the estranged Emily. During their visit, Emily took a trip to the druggist for some poison, arsenic. The town had presumed Homer and Emily had been married when Emily purchases a man 's toiletry set and a full outfit that is until he disappears. After Emily 's passing a few women of the town went exploring the house, opening a daft, dusty room with a tragic discovery. In that lone room, the skeleton of a man lay in an empty embrace upon the bed. The pillow next to his indented from another 's head left empty except, a single long gray hair. Deeply rooted in the South, Emily Grierson lived a quiet and mysterious life, only to be exposed after her death.

"It was a big, squarish frame house that once had been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in the heavily lightsome style of the seventies." -pg. 817. What was once a grand location, now had been crowded…

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