Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's ' Death ' Essay

890 Words Oct 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Mason Oliver
Professor Kohli
English 203
5 October 2015

Emily Dickinson grew up in surroundings that were largely conventionally Christian, with ties to an Evangelistical nature. The other members of her family attended church regularly and joined the First Congregational Church of Amherst. Emily Dickinson never joined it and very early in life she stopped going to church altogether. For Emily Dickinson, death became the ultimate test of her belief in just God and in immortality. It was the hardest test of all, and the one that most constantly occupied her thoughts. According to M.N. Shaw, death is seen as a three-step process in this poem through the images of the “School,” “Gazing Grain,” and “Setting Sun.” Shaw believes that the school children “in the Ring” are representative of competition among professionals that occur during one’s career. Shaw also believes that the speaker views life with gusto and through great control. The break between stanzas three and four is important. The “reversal” or “uncertainty” in stanza four (“Or rather-He passes us”) has been thought to refer to the sun, implying that the sun has set on the dead speaker. “He” could also be referring to Death and the speaker’s fight with Death. The speaker leaves the carriage of Death shivering aligned with the previous cycle of life. This is when the previous cycle of life takes on eternity. As the speaker stands in the school yard with the children and refers to the “Grazing Grain” and the “Setting…

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