Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's `` Because I Could Not Stop For Death ``

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Differences and Similarities of Two Poems
Have you ever lost close relatives or friends by death? What did you feel when you lost them? Did you ask where death took them? Emily Dickinson, a famous American poet, answers these questions in her two poems called “Because I could not stop for Death” and “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain.” Dickinson uses various techniques such as simile, metaphor, anaphora to express the shared theme of Death and the tone of the poems.
Both poems are about immortality, but the themes are different. In “Because I could not,” the narrator has already died, whereas in “I felt” what is described is a feeling in the writer’s mind or brain. For example, in “Because I could not” Emily writes, “The Roof was scarcely visible- The Cornice- in the Ground Since then ‘tis Centuries…” (line 21). This shows that the narrator has lived in the ground for many centuries. In other words, Dickinson is saying that the speaker has been dead for many years. In contrast, in the “I felt” poem, she states, “A Service, like a Drum -Kept beating - beating - till I thought my mind was going numb–” (line 8). She is communicating as the funeral service keeps going, the narrator’s brain is shutting down. Strictly speaking, she is having a sort of a mental illness event inside her brain.
It is not only the differences between actually being dead or being ill that can be found in these poems, but there is also the use of different kinds of figurative language. The “I felt” poem is…

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