Analysis Of Eliezer 's ' The Concentration Camp ' Essays

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Night assessment
Prompt 1: During his year at the concentration camp, the main character of the novel, named Eliezer faced two internal conflicts. Eliezer’s first internal conflict was about keeping his religion. Wiesel recalls that, “Behind me, I hear the same man asking: ‘For God’s sake, where is God?’ And from within me, I heard a voice answer: ‘Where He is? This is where- hanging here from this gallows…’” (Wiesel 65). Eliezer witnessed many horrific things in the camp which was referred to multiple times as a hell. For example, he witnessed the hanging of children and beating of helpless people. Witnessing these events causes Eliezer to believe that God has abandoned him and his people, yet he contemplates those feelings of abandonment and seldom exercises his faith despite his surroundings. Secondly, Eliezer faces another internal conflict when it comes to survival. In concentration camps the general mentality of the residents is every man for his self. Eliezer tried to avoid taking on that mentality when it came to taking care of his older father. Wiesel whispers that, “And in spite of myself, a prayer formed inside me…’Oh God, Master of the Universe, give me the strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahu’s son has done.’” (Wiesel 91) Eliezer’s father became weak and a burden to handle, and Eliezer has the temptation to abandon his father, just like he felt God abandoned him. He tries to fight that temptation by asking the God whom he is contemplating his beliefs in for…

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