Essay about Analysis Of Elie Wiesel 's Night

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When your back is against the wall and you are fighting between life and death, what measures would you go through to live? Would you be selfish or would you help your fellow brother? From 1939-1945, many Jews in and around Germany had to answer to these questions as to if they would help others or just try to save themselves. During World War II, when Hitler came to power, he created a plan called the Final Solution whose purpose was to get rid of all the Jews. He blamed them for the debt that Germany owed from the World War I. Hitler began setting up ghettos and concentration camps to get the Jews secluded from the rest of Germany. During this time, the Jew’s faith and character was tested, which was obvious to see while reading Elie Wiesel’s Night. This reading made me understand that Wiesel believed that when people are pushed to a certain point, they are inherently bad. Early in Elie Wiesel’s journey, he discovered the evil in people and how bad they can treat their own kind when pushed to a limit. Elie and his family’s journey began when they were kicked out their home in the ghetto and sent on trains to go to the camps. Conditions in the trains were terrible and people fought to keep their sanity while bunched together, on top of each other. At first everyone tried to help each other out, but soon they realized that they had to do what was needed, to keep themselves alive and strong. This was among one of Elie’s first encounters with inherently bad people in his…

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