Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Age Of 18 ' Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe boasts a very unique style of writing. His tales often entail dark and mysterious undertones. Most of this can be attributed to his upbringing as a child. Poe never knew his own parents, as his father left his family early on and his mother died when he was three. Poe would become separated from his siblings and the Allan family would take him in. He would struggle with finances, stating that his foster family did not provide for his costs to attend the University of Virginia. Eventually, he dwelled into gambling and acquired great debt. Returning home after leaving his university, he would find that his neighbor and fiancé, Elmira Royster, had left him for someone else. He would then join the army for support and severe ties with his foster family. He would become independent yet isolated from others. This background of his would foreshadow the gloomy backdrop of many of his works. I would like to draw parallels through some of his works that he produced. At the age of 18, Poe wrote the poem “Spirits of the Dead”. Even at a young age, Poe showed flashes of maturity that would soon be seen throughout his literature ( ). Readers were also introduced to the style that he would implement in his writings. In this poem, a dark and mysterious theme was initially set with placing the reading inside of a cemetery. The settings of his poems are also usually at night to fit the dark narrative, just like this piece. Poe writes of one’s soul after our lives have…

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