Literature: The Life And Works Of Edgar Allan Poe

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“I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched” (“Edgar Allan Poe: Death”). Edgar Allan Poe a mad man whose life was catastrophic, and expressed his pain through his work with literature. His short stories influenced many young authors to study his work and write their own.

On January 19, 1809 Edgar Poe was born to two traveling actors Eliza Poe and David Poe Jr. A month after Poe was born his parents were back on the road leaving him with paternal grandparents (Meltzer 20). As an infant Poe 's father had abandoned him and his siblings which had left Eliza on her own with all three children. At the age of twenty-four Poe’s mother Eliza had died from tuberculosis which had caused him and his siblings to separate
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Virginia who was nearly fourteen had made the twenty-seven year old Poe happy. He often wrote many poems including one for their marriage named Eulalie (“Edgar Allan Poe Museum”). At the time when Poe’s father had died two years before Edgar did not inherit any riches. Learning to manage on his own, Poe moved to New York afterwards relocating to Philadelphia bringing along his wife Virginia. The years after his marriage Poe had wrote many short stories such as The Raven and other poems. Edgar’s happy ending that he expected came crashing down when his wife Virginia died in 1847 (“Edgar Allan Poe” Poetry Foundation). It’s been said Poe had mourned the loss of his wife and did not write for four months. He then encountered his first love Elmira and re-married with her. After his new marriage Poe had gone missing for five days only to be found on October 3, 1849 mentally unstable in Baltimore (“Edgar Allan Poe” Poetry Foundation). Four days later on October 7, 1849 Poe was found dead from an unknown …show more content…
This fear had caused Poe to be distant and not get involved in any serious relationships. Tuberculosis had haunted Poe on certain nights considering his wife, and both foster and birth mother had died from the disease. Poe had always spoke of the death of a young beautiful woman in his poems such as The Raven, Anabel Lee, and Ulalume ("How Does the Edgar Allan Poe 's Poem”). Not only was death a main topic of what he wrote, but death had took a major toll on his life. His most memorable work was influenced from the traumatic events during his younger years that had involved his most close companions who were ill and had died. Poe had even confessed that sorrow had helped him write most of his poems (Jordan). Besides the tragedies that had occurred in Poe’s life, Poe is still one of America’s admired poets

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