Essay on Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's `` Ligeia ``

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When hearing the name Edgar Allan Poe, many readers, according to “The Short Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe” automatically tend to think of a “creepy chap” (Levine & Levine 15). Perceptions lead to differing views, and as Levine & Levine mention, these perceptions, can change once new information has been presented (Levine & Levine 15).The way that Poe lived was portrayed in the short story “Ligeia”, and for a recap, “Ligeia” mainly consisted of him telling a story in which he references his wife, her death, and him marrying someone else to counteract the feeling of loneliness only to realize that the first wife was suddenly alive before his eyes. In essence, the whole thing seemed to be a figment of his imagination. The short story “Ligeia” seemed to be a way of him expressing the personal struggles that he was dealing with because, according to Levine & Levine, it is mentioned that he took a drug by the name of “opium” (Levine & Levine 15) which was referenced a few times in “Ligeia” as well. While this may not seem like a vital event, the drug he took led him to have a distorted view of what was going on around him (Poe 16). Also, according to Levine & Levine, it is stated “poe stories can be understood only in the context in which they were written” (Levine & Levine 19). This goes to show that in order to get the grand picture of what led to the ideas behind “Ligeia,”readers must first go behind the lines of the evident information and try to understand how the events he…

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