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Dr. Donald T. Lunde has an impeccable method of keeping the audience involved in the topics as well as trusting of his words and testimonies. Dr. Lunde reveals a very noticeable and impressionistic use of diction throughout Hearst to Hughes: Memoir of a Forensic Psychiatrist, affecting the audience’s respect for and opinion of the author, the audience’s perception of the reality of the world of forensics, and the overall tone of the work. Though many aspects of this intriguing memoir pull the reader into the true emotions of these chilling cases, the diction helps to pull the effect to another level, thusly leaving the reader with emotions of awe and inspiration. Along with Dr. Lunde’s way of hooking his audience, he also is practiced in the art of creating an intelligent and well managed aura about himself. He uses very mature diction throughout the entire work. A very substantial amount of legal jargon is used and explained when speaking of the cases. Dr. Lunde makes sure to explain methods of court that may be unfamiliar to the reader such as in this case, “The Fifth Amendment allows anyone to remain silent and the jury is instructed to draw no inferences from their failure to testify”(36). In this example, the term being illustrated is actually quite well known among the common people, but he makes sure to describe it in order to make sure every reader is well-informed and able to understand the unfolding events to the best extent possible. With this being only one of…

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