Analysis Of Dorothy Parker 's Resume Essay

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Pain is something humans cannot escape. Whether they’re hurting from self-harm or from the struggle of life, pain is still present. The poem describes methods of committing suicide and how they all cause pain just as life does. The author is able to relate to those in pain and struggle with certain habits or addictions that could potentially kill them. Dorothy Parker uses imagery, irony, and metaphors in her poem “Resume” to give the reader an understanding of why life is better than suicide; however it is also important to know her personal background to have thorough understanding of “Resume”. Dorothy Parker uses imagery to portray the message of her poem more easily. The author uses objects that are used to commit suicide to paint a visual image in the readers head. “Nooses give” (6) portrays an image of someone hanging themselves, but the rope giving. Another example would be in line 3, “Acids stain you”, creating the vivid image of acids causing pain from burning into their skin, staining the skin with a lasting, pink scar.
According to Schakel and Ridl “The irony lies in indirection, as it offers unexpected and ultimately despairing reasons for avoiding suicide and continuing to live…” allowing the reader to be able to fully understand that the problems with suicide do not outweigh the problems of life. The author compares the pain of suicide techniques to the pain of life and humorously implies that the pains are equal, so people might as well live. Life involves…

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