Essay On The Relationship Between Othello And Desdemona

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In the play OTHELLO, Othello is a Moore of Venice and he has found, what seems to be his true love, Desdemona. Othello is a general of Venice and he has just gave Cassio the blessings of becoming his lieutenant over Iago who is more experience. Iago hates Othello for not giving him this position, so Iago goes and tells Desdemona father that she has gotten married to the Moore. In knowing this, Iago knows that this will anger her father and this will set up his plan to destroy Othello and Desdemona. Othello couples convey jealousy by lying, being untrustworthy and deceitful.
Iago is the husband of Emilia, and she seems to have a strong devoted love for Iago. In the other sense, Iago seems to only love her when he needs her to do his evil work;
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Unlike Iago and Emilia, Cassio and Bianca, everyone can tell that Desdemona has a love for Othello that no curse or spell could do. As time went on throughout the play Othello lost his love for Desdemona form the deceit that Iago has placed in Othello’s head about his wife. Othello is jealous of at the thought of Cassio is seeing Desdemona. Othello begins to think that Desdemona love Cassio, because they share the some racial status and Othello is from African descent. Desdemona is quite confused to why Othello sudden change of love for has diminished, when she have not broken her vows to her husband. Iago is happy to see that his lying and deceit is working, which now Othello only thinks women are only good for one thing; and that is to sleep around with instead of giving your heart to them. By this deceit, Othello is so overwhelmed and hurt that all he wants to do is kill Cassio and Desdemona, because they have betrayed …show more content…
Iago was jealous of Cassio and want to get back at him by saying that he was seeing Desdemona. Bianca showed jealousy when she couldn’t believe Cassio would give her another woman handkerchief. And not considering that Cassio is a married man, she did not like that fact that he could potentially be seeing another prostitute. Othello conveys jealousy when Iago is spreading lies that Cassio and Desdemona is seeing each other. This triggers something in Othello that makes him view woman the same way as Iago and Cassio. Othello, Iago and Cassio viewed woman as beneficial to one’s need at that moment in time.
Othello and Desdemona had true love unlike Iago-Emilia and Cassio-Bianca. Iago used Emilia, Desdemona friend, to separate Othello from his true love. One can probably say that Iago and Emilia bond was more malicious than loving. Cassio and Bianca relationship was more playful than serious since he is already married. This play showed many severe aspects of jealousy, in which these action costed Desdemona, Iago, and Emilia their lives. Othello couples convey jealousy by lying, being untrustworthy and

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