Analysis Of Denzil 's Case For Medical Intervention Essay

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Denzil’s case includes various factors to consider. Denzil’s has been court ordered to receive therapy, medication management, and specialized schooling from a day treatment program. His parents are divorced, and have a contentious relationship, however, he is able to regularly spend time with both parents. His mother does not believe in medical intervention except for physical injuries and relies on her family and pastor for guidance. This is contrary to Denzil’s father, who does believe in medical intervention. Denzil’s mother has him on a special diet, which includes Denzil drinking a cup of herbal tea every hour. He has an extensive history of being suspended from school since kindergarten for disruptive behavior, and lately his mother has been keeping him home from school to receive natural remedies. Denzil’s mother fears that ADHD drugs will stunt Denzil’s growth, especially since he is already small for his age. She is willing to allow Denzil to have meetings with a therapist, but does not want him to receive any medications, and wants him to continue his special diet and herbal tea. She has threatened to flee the state with Denzil if he is forced medication. I also need to consider Denzil’s ethnic and cultural background.
The NASW Code of Ethics states that social worker’s primary mission is to assist people in meeting their needs, enhance their well-being, and empower the vulnerable, oppressed and impoverished (2008).” In relation to Denzil’s case, as the director…

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