Analysis Of David Norton And Ashley Doherty Essay

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David Norton and Ashley Doherty of Married at First Sight couldn 't make their marriage work, but now it turns out that Ashley didn 't know everything about David before agreeing to marry him. When you go on the show, you agree to trust the experts to set you up with the perfect person for you. In Touch Weekly is now sharing that Ashley Doherty is very upset that the experts did not reveal David Norton 's violent past to her before marrying him.

When not in scrubs...????#selfiesaturday

— Ashley Doherty (@Ashley_MAFS) February 6, 2016 David Norton was arrested back in 2007 after an argument with his now ex-girlfriend. Of course, Ashley married David at first sight and didn 't know anything about this arrest.

Ashley Doherty 's mother Mary Harnois is now speaking out and saying that Ashley is upset about not being told the truth about David Norton upfront.

"[Ashley] feels duped. I blame the show. She feels like she was let down in a big way because they told her they do background checks. So when someone tells you that, you 're like, 'Okay, well at least they won 't have a criminal past. '"

The court records show that Married at First Sight knew about David Norton 's past though. They made a written request for David 's court case and it was submitted by DLS Background Services, Inc. on June 4, 2015. This was just a few days before Ashley and David got married. Ashley 's mom went on to say that they were really surprised when they found out…

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