Essay Analysis Of David Foster Wallace 's `` This Is Water ``

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Part One The true meaning of happiness can be found in David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water” by putting yourself in other’s shoes, and it can be found similarly in Thomas Merton’s “Learning to Live” through the external and inner self. To start, David Foster Wallace explains in “This is Water” how to lead your life to happiness and how to overall become a better person. In his commencement address, he talks about how it is natural for people to automatically think about themselves rather than to not think about others. Wallace believes that people tend to focus on their own thoughts and what is bothering them rather than how other people are feeling and thinking. The solution to this problem according to Wallace is education. He believes that education can help teach someone how to put other’s lives before themselves and have an open mind for others. People are so caught up in only thinking about themselves that they completely disengage what others are thinking or feeling. Wallace firmly claims that it is always good to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and take a look inside their life compared to yours. This can ultimately eliminate our everyday problems and lead us to a happier lifestyle as we can brighten people’s days by thinking about them first before us according to Wallace. He also claims that you should never doubt someone or their ideas because you never know what could be going in their life to influence their thoughts and feelings. Through stepping in…

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