Analysis Of David C. Korten 's ' The Ultimate Tyranny Section Of The Book '

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Introducing, When Corporations Rule the World, sounded a global alarm about twenty years ago. The consolidation of power in a global economy ruled by corporations posed a threat to markets, democracy, human, and life itself, that continues to grow. Within the cooperate power it is more operated beyond human control, its consequences begins to be more devastating and now the system collapse is more certain and approaching. In the Ultimate Tyranny section of the introduction, David C. Korten, the author of When Corporations Rule the World, briefly explains that he used the term capitalism in the original edition of the book. Moving forward he expresses how people would miss that”…the book is about structure and dynamics of capitalism that’s stripped of its relentlessly promoted PR façade as the global champion of human liberty, democracy, and the market economy.” (Korten 20) Korten stated in the book that there are many different definitions that can describes capitalism, however he likes to use the one we live by today, which is that capitalism is being ruled by capital, more specifically by the owners of capital.
Going on to the next main point of the introduction section, Promise versus Reality. The first launch of the book was in 1995, that when Implementation of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) began. NAFTA have gotten special attention for three reasons. The first reason being that it provides powerful demonstration of the gap between what capitalism…

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