Analysis Of Dante 's ' Inferno ' Essay

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Hell, like love or other great intangibles, is a thing that cannot be fully grasped by mortal beings. It is a place that no one has ever experienced, so therefore, it is not possible to fully understand. However, Dante, through his epic poem Inferno, tries to comprise an in-depth experience of what Hell very well may be. This poem has likely been the most tangible understanding of the place as we can conclude thus far. The issue of whether the punishment of eternal damnation in Hell is just or not will vary amongst people and stem from different issues. As humans, Hell is difficult to understand due to our incomplete understanding of the nature of sin, God, and man. It is known that humanity is infinitely corrupt in the eyes of God, but does that mean that being sent to burn for eternity is the most valid punishment for all those damned to Hell in Dante’s Inferno? Through my outlook and miniscule understanding of Hell, I believe that it is righteous to a point. In the beginning of reading Inferno I would not have agreed with Dante’s ordering of the levels of Hell, but I have come to understand the process and organization of his ruling and placement of each sin within its designated circle.
Dante has arranged hell in to nine different circles. I believe that a short explanation of each circle would do well for the further explanation of my thoughts. The first circle of Hell is Limbo. Limbo consists of non-Christians and unbaptized pagans who are punished for eternity in a…

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