Analysis Of Daniel 's ' The Book ' Of Daniel ' Essay

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The Book of Daniel
After reading different discussions and articles on the book of Daniel, this paper will compound the various information discovered concerning many different opinions and information regarding the book of Daniel. The various authors will be Jerry Sumney, Kathryn Lopez and NOAB bible, as well as information from the web. This will be a compilation of each author, thereby looking at the authorship, time era, and the audience. As well as events occurring and the language of the book of Daniel and other historical moments which had occurred along with overall theme.
The author of the book of Daniel is not stated according to Sumney, it is suggested that “it was composed during the second century, this was during the Maccabean Revolt (Sumney, para, 2010).” However, in order to find any information on the authorship of the book of Daniel I referred to the internet and found this webpage- The website provided some information on various details which do coincide with the NOAB version of the book of Daniel. With regards to the authorship NOAB does not give a clear answer to who actually wrote this particular book of the bible.
Therefore according to The Dating of the Book of Daniel the following information is what I found.
“Although it does not actually claim to have been written in the sixth century BCE, the Book of Daniel gives clear internal dates such as "the third year…

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