Essay on Analysis Of ' Cry The Beloved Country ' By Alan Paton

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Kumalo and Jarvis: The Differences and the Similarities

In the prodigious novel Cry The Beloved Country, by Alan Paton, Paton conveys a great amount of details to help the readers visualize the scenery of South Africa. Paton does an exquisite job to show the problems of Africa. Paton writes in a way so the readers must ponder about Africa. In the novel there are several main characters that face problems due to the situations in Africa. Many conflicts occur between Msimangu, Absalom Kumalo, Stephen Kumalo, and James Jarvis. The main story is about a man named Kumalo who is struggling to find his family, and is facing problems with the situations in Africa. Along the way, the secondary main character, Jarvis, is fighting himself about the problems of Africa. Paton uses noteworthy details to show similarities yet several differences between these two main characters. These similarities and differences include forms of thoughts, characteristics and problems between James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo. Paton does this cleverly by adding unseen details.

Paton astutely adds several similarities between Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis. He gives the readers clues in a unique way. One major similarity that affects the book severely is the fact that they both do not understand their sons until it is too late. An example of this is when Jarvis says “Although his life was different, he said, you understood it” (142). This shows that Jarvis never understood his son, but always…

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