Analysis Of Crane 's ' The Red Badge Of Courage ' Essay

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Crane’s Work
(An Evaluation of Crane’s Fiction Text) Stephen Crane is most known for his innovative short stories. He was a realist, and was just starting to show examples of naturalism in his works as well. His work, The Red Badge of Courage, is considered to be the first truly modern war story according to Greenfield’s article. Although never actually participating in the Civil War, Crane writes as though he were there himself and had experienced every aspect of war himself. He writes about war as if he is a veteran himself, but there are many questions he leaves unanswered in his novella, like what battle Henry Fleming was fighting in or technically what war he they were fighting for. The political and social implications of the war are never discussed, nor is the actual outcome of the battle ever highlighted. Crane leaves so many ideas for the reader to evaluate on their own. Crane’s fiction works of An Episode of War (Episode) and The Red Badge of Courage (Red Badge) force the reader to draw conclusions to his unanswered questions by evaluating diction, action, feelings and thoughts. To begin, character diction in Episode and Red Badge help the reader draw a clear picture. Even though Crane doesn 't answer many of his own questions, he realistically portrays war better than any other author has. “Crane’s diction provides effective, clear representations for the reader, capturing the essential qualities of events and people in metaphors and expressive verbs.”…

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