Analysis Of Crabbing A Seat

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Grabbing a Seat

Type; 3D animation
Time; 2’53’’
Director:Xu Guangtong
Animation producer: Xu Guangtong, Qi Yuehui
Image design: Yuan Qi
Sound effect: Zhang Yue
Software:3D Max 6.0, After Effect6 6.0, Premiere 6.5, Photoshop 7.0
Hardware: PC
Production cycle:3 months (April, 2004-July, 2004)

The outline of the story:
The play Grabbing a Seat is a story about two persons, one is fat and other is thin. In order to occupy a seat, they used tricks and even resorted to fighting. However, finally neither of them succeeded. But a clever boy did this by using wisdom.
The story satirizes the moral loss of some people by describing their bad behaviors in public.
The director’s description: It has been a long time for me to make
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In spite of the short time, just like the long play or film, it is a comprehensive art form, involving complicated knowledge. Besides, as for a new comer, as a director for the first time, a lot of different production experiences can be obtained. So, it is practical to choose short play as a start.
Secondly, short plays usually emphasizes on the expression of the author’s personal feelings, which can be achieved by low budget regardless of the returns from the market. In addition, there isn’t much work to do as in the longer story. It can be done by one person or small-scale studio.
Thirdly, compare with the traditional 2D cartoons, 3D cartoon has its paralleled advantages both from visual effect and image authenticity. And because of my strong passion for CG, I decided to make a 3D play without hesitation.
The procedure of the play
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This play is my first animation work and I have learned too much. The following are the summary of my inspirations.
1)A good script is the base for the success of the work. This occupies more than half of the success. Compared with other scripts, animation script should have the characteristics of animation and suitable for the animation making in addition to dramatic and spectacular features.
2)There should be excellent characters. As the main body of animation, character design is of great importance. The design of the character should go with the content and style of the work and at thee same time it should consider the aesthetic standards of the audience for the purpose of the design is for the audience. If there is any higher standard, that will be the spread of the image and it should be favorable for its derivatives.
3)The considerations of the operability in

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