Analysis Of ' Clouds ' By Aristophanes Essay example

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Socrates has been seen as a hero known for seeking the truth who sacrificed his life for philosophy. Socrates, a philosopher, was executed by his community for standing alone against his community and daring to question the sacred beliefs that existed. Although Socrates was seen as a hero for some, there were many who saw Socrates as a dangerous figures. Aristophanes’ Clouds, portrays Socrates as a threat to the political community for undermining the laws that govern the community. Aristophanes’ Clouds presents a conservative yet comedic mocking of what goes against the community in attempt to protect it. According to Aristophanes, one of the ways that political communities insures their survival is by restraining from thought, because philosophy leads to detachment from their lives and removes men from the relationship they form in families and in political communities. Aristophanes’ states that a man must live within the community and not up in the air with philosophers. He illustrates this idea by introducing the “thinkery”, a place where men can pay to be taught how to win both just and unjust causes of speaking (Clouds, pg.119). Western political philosophy origins in ancient Greece, and it is the origin of all political life that investigates ideas such as justice, equality and freedom. Socrates introduced philosophy, which seeks for the truth. The process, according to Socrates and Platonic philosophy has four principles: first is the objective knowledge that seeks…

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