Analysis Of Churchill's Speech On Appeasement

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Register to read the introduction… He is letting the people know that he isn't just saying these things to appease them. During his speech, he pays particular attention to build up the credibility of the United Nations. He stated things such as calling it a “temple of peace” because of the League of Nations failure and ineffectiveness to prevent war. Churchill called out to the United Nations to be equipped with an international armed force as opposed to the League of Nations who adopted policy of appeasement which resulted in the build up of the military of the German and Italian Fascists. Churchill then speaks on to the reality of tyranny and proposes that those who enjoy the benefits of freedom should fight for it, stand up for freedom and the rights of man. He proclaimed that this should be done but at a later point as it has been seen in the past that it …show more content…
This is a base that Churchill uses to distinguish the intentions of democracy versus communism. He believes that everywhere there is war, you are likely to find the threat of communism. He beings to talk about seeking to establish conditions for freedom and democracy. Given Russia's history of being invaded with large death numbers, they wanted to increase the security. Churchill said that Soviet power needs to be stopped. They planned to take over Eastern Europe, communists began to take over. Communists are blocking Europe and are a huge threat to ever having unification. Both sides were in the same view point as one another and one thing they had in common was they both hated one another. Stalin didn't want the democrats from the west to ever overtake Eastern Europe. Not giving the people certain rights. This proves that Churchill was not being inconsistent. He shows that there is gumption on both ends that both want to equally keep what they have, if not take more. That very fact that one wants to own their own part and to take over it, is the problem. It starts fights over possessions that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. So bringing up both sides of the front is right because they are both cause for concern. Unity

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