Analysis Of Chemmeen, Chembankunju And Chakki Essay

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In Chemmeen, Chembankunju and Chakki are the parents of Karuthamma and Panchami. As the story is told by Pillai Chembankunju and Chakki have disagreements in their marriage. Their marriage is run by the patriarchal system. An example of this is when " You must sell the fish from your boat to us fisherwomen. . . She had her owned doubts if Chembankunju would agree to any of their schemes" (Pillai 54). Chakki does not agree to the deal of the fisherwoman because she cannot make a decision without consulting her husband. Especially now that Chembankunju has become greedy and selfish. Chakki knows that if she agrees to the deal without informing her husband she can get in trouble. Instead she just hears the fisherwomen beg. Another scenario that revolves around patriarchy is when Chakki and Chembankunju committed the error of not marrying Karuthamma on time. Time is passing by and Karuthamma is growing to a young lady without not yet getting marry. One day at the sea Chembankunju sights this guy that seems the right guy to marry his daughter to. As we see that “Chakki saw many shortcomings in it… Palani had neither family nor roots. When you gave your daughter to a man like that, what do you do if he turned out to be a rascal?” (Pillai 86). Is clear that Chakki is concerned and not fully sure if she wants to marry Karuthamma off to him. Besides the fact that he is an orphan, “something else disturbed Chakki. What is his caste?” (Pillai 86) she is concern with that question as…

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