Analysis Of Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

In 1859 Charles Darwin published his book “The Origin of Species”. This book explained his theories of how animals and humans were formed. The beginning of the earth has been a mystery frustrating the minds of scientist for many years. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is a change in the genetic material of a population of organisms from one generation to the next. Though changes produced in one generation are normally small, differences with each generation overtime can become substantial changes in population. Darwin Theory of Evolution is known that all life is related and has descended from common ancestor, (birds, flowers, fish) all related. The evolutionary view itself is old as dust.
There were many Scientist that disagreed with Charles
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Crossbreeding is common in migration of population. Humans move they take their plants to see if they would grow in new soil. Animals that are fenced in restricted areas, mountains, oceans are all sources of restructuring genetic variation. Interacted relations brings on hereditary variation. Today’s time we use the Power House – Mitochondria, DNA, and Y Chromosomes as genetic markers. Gene flow can occur in humans and between species. Gene flow occurs in normal evolution but, fusion may threaten existence.
Increase or decrease of a population affects gene pool frequencies as gene flow will have high chance to take place in a heavily occupied area while there will be small change in a small occupied area.
Today we understand the concept of inheritance better than ever before because of Mendel, it was a runoff of Darwin’s theory but he didn’t live to see it. Biologist replaced pangenesis with Mendel’s factors and theory of inheritance, sex genes not body cells, transmit from parents to offspring. Scientist and biologist adopted the concept of
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Mutations appear to be spontaneous. The cause is almost always unknown. The genes of the next generation will be the genes of the “lucky ones” This is not based on health or sick individuals. Same genetic trait reproduce with people who do not have the gene, the gene can become more popular or not. Scientist use the mosaic concept to prove that molecule ancestors were likely present in different organism at different times.
Gene drift is one of the major players in evolution. Gradual change in the genome of population over time, without Natural Selection. Natural Selection works on mutations which impact survival, favoring those which enhance the chances of survival. When DNA sequence appears in the genes, it has the same effect as mutations-nature can select for or against it resulting in evolution. Genetic drift, works on all mutations. It is the mechanism we relate to adaptation in an environment
Darwin kept his ideas open, he knew that his ideas lacked efficient cause,” but hypotheses may often be of service to science, when they involve a certain portion of incompleteness, and even

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